Our mission:

Be your real estate partner in offering comprehensive services with high added value in the implementation of your real estate strategy.

Our priority:

Develop integrated solutions for quality support in Real Estate Consulting to complete your real estate transaction.

Using the services of Cabinet A. Lazrak Real Estate is making you benefit from ...

  • Responsiveness and dedication of our team listening to your needs.
  • Real time surveillance of current opportunities.
  • Council for guidance and targeted research with respect to the specification.
  • Satisfaction of your personnalized request.
  • A developed relationship with key users and excellent knowledge of the needs of the latter.

Cabinet A. Lazrak is committed to assist you in all stages of the marketing process to sell, buy or rent your property at the best market conditions and in a timely manner.

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Our goal is to Sell or Rent your property in the best conditions.




Our mission is to:

  • Highlight your property.
  • Develop a marketing plan and appropriate communication.
  • Conduct site visits to potential customers.
  • Make a return on the visits with a study on competing offers.
  • Communicate all bids and keep you regularly informed of the negotiations and any recommendations to maximize the fair value or rental value of your assets.
  • Conduct regular reporting benchmarks in order to maintain the positioning of your assets at their best level.
  • Supporting you in negotiating until the signing of contracts dealing with financial, legal and tax.
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Our goal is to present the property that suits you and the best price.




Our mission is to:

  • Understand your needs.
  • Providing you with our teams involved and available.
  • Providing you with quality information in real time.
  • Providing you with a watchfulness on the ongoing offers market or future.
  • Find for you THE assets the closest to your request.
  • Organize visits to various sites.
  • Negotiate with the owners until the signing of contracts dealing with financial, legal and tax.
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On the lookout for new opportunities in a market of real estate enterprise, more and more mature, the team of Cabinet A. Lazrak reals estate offers to its customers various projects of acquisition or sale of assets highly prized by investors.

These secured assets to rental income generally stable are often new, well located and able to attract quality signatures with fixed leases and long-term.




Our mission is to Council:

  • Provide you with many analysis tools: market research, rental analysis, projections and updates of cash flows, balance sheet promotion and restructuration.
  • Bringing you a study of the available supply and an analysis of the product positioning in its market.
  • Search for you the potential partners.
  • Develop different projected scenarios of income and calculation of the rentability rate.

» All development strategies are taken into account to provide you with the necessary assistance to optimal decision-making of investors in order to complete the transaction.