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Undertake a property valuation to determine the value of your assets is an essential step to decide their future use and to better anticipate the vagaries of a complex market in constant gestation.

All our expertise are prepared in accordance with the Code of Ethics and methodological recommendations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – - RICS -–

Official website:www.rics.org




We value your real estate assets to meet your individual needs:

  • Cession / Acquisition
  • Financing / Dation
  • Transition to IFRS norms
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Evaluation of companies
  • Or any other strategic reflexion

We make different types of valuations according to your request:

  • Market value (busy or unoccupied)
  • Rental Value
  • Value of a key money
  • Fair value of real estate projects / Worth value

Our expertise allows us to evaluate all types of real estate, either:

  • Land (urban and agricultural)
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Residential
  • Commercial stores
  • Retails (shopping centers)
  • Activity stores and logistics platforms
  • Lands
  • Villas
  • Assets (hospitals, clinics, prisons, cinemas ...)


In addition to the control of the technics of evaluation fitting to the best international standards, our team of experts was able to develop a perfect knowledge of the Moroccan market, and may intervene in the Maghreb region (Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia and Libya) and West Africa, to provide you with a full report of great relevance.

Entrepôt Casablanca




Attentive to the nearest trends of the market, and constantly looking for new opportunities, the Investment Department advises you in all your investment thinking, you should be either an institutional investors, private developers and users of SME / SMIs or large accounts.




Our scope of activity

  • Support the sale or acquisition (real estate assets, real estate company, shares ...).
  • Fitting Business Plan and performance study.
  • Feasibility study of the project (market depth, profitability, tax optimization, legal advice ...).
  • Outsourcing of real estate assets - Sale and lease-back.
  • Looking for investors or equity.
  • Research investment opportunities.

Our consultants work as part of their support of the preliminary analysis of assets to the final outcome of your investment project.

Our main steps for a transaction type:

  • Identify the scope of intervention
  • Appreciation of the value of the underlying real estate
  • Conduct market research of the sector
  • Preparation of Business plan / strategy / pricing / exit strategy / financing / structuring (supporting structure and tax optimization).
  • Review of major real estate risks
  • Closing of the transaction (Sale / Purchase / find investors and equity, formulation of shareholders' agreements).

We offer through mandates personalized, roadmap allowing us to effectively meet your goals based on your constraints (Deadline, technical constraints, financial and administrative).


Our Capital : a real knowledge of the Moroccan real estate market, support of cross departments and the power of a large network, the result of a national presence since 1953.

Entrepôt Casablanca


What are the possibilities of the use of your assets?
Why keep in your portfolio a real estate assets generating no return?
How to maximize the value of your land still vacant?


Your goal is the profitability or the valuation of your real estate assets, whether you are an individual or legal entity, we will present through a positioning study, our targeted recommendations to even better evaluate your asset and we will offer credible solutions in line with your patrimonial objectives.



Our approach is to:

  • Diagnose your real estate assets through an expertise study.
  • Positionning it on the market through targeted market research.
  • Advise you on its best use.


Our department offers customed studies whatever the nature of your assets is:

We intervene to advise you whatever the nature of your assets is: Investment property generating rental income (Offices, Warehouses ...) Assets used for your own needs (Residential, factories, business premises ...), monovalent assets (hotels, clinics, gyms ...).

We help you through our advice to make a diligent asset strategy according to your financial goals.

Our role is to provide you with a detailed study evidenced by a report containing all the information relevant to your decision.

In order to achieve our strategic advice, our consulting division, operates in close collaboration with our core transactions for the sale / rental of your asset and Construction / Engineering for demolition / reconstruction or run your new project.

Entrepôt Casablanca


Market research is an exploratory work to measure, analyze and understand the operation of a market or the needs and expectations of sellers and buyers in this market, as well as the conditions under which they operate to achieve trade matching their interests.

Aware of the importance of the study in the life cycle of real estate, our consultants have a great mastery of technical development of real estate market research, quantitative or qualitative, our studies provide a supply of relevant information essential for making any decision



Our sector studies include:

  • The residential market
  • The office market
  • The industrial
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Shops and shopping centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • The rental property for tourism
  • The investment market

The purpose of our research is to enable you to better understand trends and market aggregates through an analysis of:

  • The current supply / immediately available
  • Future supply
  • The request
  • Time of projected flows / placement
  • Market prospectives in the mid term.


Our existence of more than 50 years in Morocco has allowed us to develop a perfect mastery of the real estate market. Our consultants are able to provide through detailed studies, the latest trends by city and / or sector.

We accompanied through market surveys several major projects in Morocco and North Africa and we continue to provide to key actors of real estate our perception of the real estate market, discussed and analyzed with strong conclusions in added value.

Entrepôt Casablanca


The business intelligence we assure on the market comes directly from collected information on the field by our experts, which allows us to develop studies and professional research and to provide real estate consulting all over Morocco on which you can rely.

Zooms markets developed by our department Study & Research are the result of discussions and debates involving our consultants from our 4 departments, their visions may differ depending on their specialties, the congruence of their opinions is nothing more than wealthyness that should be put at your disposal.




Our team Study & Research Analyse rental markets and investment and identifies trends and future developments. Our research publications include analyzes biannual of real estate markets and specific studies.

We launched in November 2011, a new research publication entitled Snapshot offices in Casablanca to enlighten you on deciphering this market by:

  • A quantification of the current fleet composed by buildings with exclusive distribution with a geographical distribution in large business districts.
  • An analysis of the vicissitudes of market investment development between 1996 and 2011,
  • A reading of actual supply and demand.
  • A projection in the development prospectives on a growing segment value.


Recent Publications:

Snapshot offices at Casablanca – Nov 2011.Download the pdf